MyBB is a free bulletin board system software package developed by the MyBB Group. A lot of thought has gone into the MyBB interface to make it easy to use.

MyBB uses a standard discussion board structure, so your visitors will feel familiar with the way MyBB works. Your visitors can use the MyBB user control panel to change the way they view discussions.

They can also easily start and reply to discussions and markup their posts. The forum administrators and moderators can use MyBB's inline editing and moderation features to control discussion and keep the forum tidy.

MyBB comes with an English language pack; however, the MyBB Community has also produced a large number of official MyBB translations for visitors who don't speak English.

MyBB Installation

MyBB Installation

We have years of experience in installing forums for different purposes like discussion, support, gaming, and more. If you are looking to integrate a forum into your existing website, we can also customize the forum to go with your main website.

Our forum installation services include:

  • Installing a forum, either on a new or an existing website
  • Adding all the necessary features and functionalities that you need
  • Integrating your business logos, icons and related graphics
  • Designing a custom template to make your forum look unique

Complete control

MyBB's extensive Admin Control Panel gives you the power to tweak your forum to just how you like it.


Much care and attention has been given to the entire software to keep discussions in the forefront.

Personal and interactive

Private messages let you share a conversation with just a small group of people.

Clean, simple, and powerful

Don't let MyBB's ease of use fool you. It packs powerful features without any of the clutter.

For script installation, modification, please email us