YouTube Clone Script Installation

We provide youtube clone installation for $10. We can install the script on your host if it support youtube clone requirements like ffmpeg, mencoder, flvtool2, etc... You must make sure your web host have youtube clone requirements installed on the server, with out these, video conversion will not work.

Ffmpeg Hosting

If your web host do not support youtube clone script requirements, you can check our youtube clone ready hosting packages. At HostOnNet our FFmpeg Web Hosting plans include all of the modules you need to start a video website with no technical skills required. You can basically host what is known as a YouTube clone.
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YouTube Clone Requirement Installation

If you have a dedicated server with operating system CentOS 6.x, CentOS 7.x, RHEL 6.x, RHEL 7.x or Ubuntu 14.04, we can install youtube clone script + youtube clone requirements (ffmpeg, ffmpeg-php, mencoder, etc...) for $25.

Installing YouTube Clone requirements need root SSH access on the server.

YouTube Clone Requirement Installation
YouTube Clone Upgrade

YouTube Clone Upgrade

Script developers always tries to update their script with bug fixes and adds new features into it. If you are using old version of the script, you will not be able to use the new features available with the script.

We provide youtube clone script upgrade for $5. We also provide professional support for your existing script that are already installed on your website.

Web Site/Template Designing

Liked a template but do not know how to customize it? Do not worry! We can help you customize any template of your choice by making minor changes to the layout, changing the colour scheme and the images, and adding content as per your requirements.

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Web Site/Template Designing
Contact Script installation

Contact us

If you need youtube clone script or requirements installation, contact us at:

All installation will be finished within 24 hours. Installation will be default installation, no customization or logo creation included.