is a new alternative in hosting. Utilizing a state-of-the-art Data Center facility, our customers can receive all the benefits of more expensive hosting services with an extremely competitive pricing plan. The greatest factor in our success is the quality of our network, and this rests on two foundations - structural diversity and technological excellence.

Our network is powered by high quality brand name switches and routers. We use only the best brand switches and routers to ensure optimal network performance. All servers are connected via 10/100 mbps ports (10 mbps cap) providing the optimum speed possible.

Network and Data Center

Developed within the Net Access Data Center, utilizes all the services and protection offered within the facility. FM-200 Fire Suppression, Multiple UPS Systems, Backup Diesel Generators, 24-7-365 Network Operations staff, ensures the safety and reliability of your services and equipment.

Backbones and Unreliability

A backbone is a large-scale network, usually one that offers services to other backbones or ISPs. It is standard for a beginning ISP to rely on one backbone provider (such as UUNET, Sprint, or AT & T) for its connection to the rest of the Internet. As the ISP grows, it usually buys more bandwidth from its existing backbone provider. This has the advantage of simplicity and consistency, but it has an unfortunate side effect - the ISP is only as reliable as the backbone provider it has chosen. If the backbone goes down, the ISP and all its users go down with it.

Can regional, national and international backbones really be so unreliable? The sad fact is that they can. Even top notch networks occasionally go down because of factors beyond their control. Network outages happen all the time, for varying reasons, and there will probably never be a time when they don't happen. It also happens that backbones, even ones with names you've probably heard of, may not be using the best equipment or the most knowledgeable people to build their networks, even at the national or international levels.

Power Backup

Our data center is fully equipped with redundant a power supply provided by high end APC uniterrupted power supplies designed for use in high load network operation centers.

Temperature Controlled

Due to the massive heat dissipation of servers, our data center is equipped with large air conditioning units operated around the clock to maintain a data center temperature of no more than 15 degrees Celsius. This insures that networking and customer equippment can operate flawlessly.