phpBB Forum Installaton

phpBB is a Free open source message board. Having a message board in your web site allow users to post messages on your web site. This will add user generated content to your web site.

PHPBB can be downloaded free of charge from and it can be installed on any Linux web server with PHP and MySQL support.

Our objective is to stay updated and remain focused on our approach so that you can achieve your business objectives within the precise time period. With our years of working experience in open source development projects, we efficiently deal with our clients meeting their specific phpBB forum requirements.

Our quality of work is marked by our dedication, user-friendly approach and cost-effective measure.

We offer the following phpBB services

We do everything to setup your own community

phpBB installation
Installing phpBB can be a tricky task. That's where we come in to make is happen for you in the easiest possible way. We have a team of phpBB developers who are highly experienced and delivers phpBB web development services to small, mid and large sized businesses.We provide PHPBB forum installation for $10
phpBB Upgrade
If you are using older version of phpBB, we can upgrade to latest version of phpBB. If you have default installation, upgrade cost will be $10. If you have MOD's installed, an additional $5 per mod will be charged. MOD's on new version can be installed only if the MOD is available for latest version of phpBB.
phpBB MOD installation
phpBB mod installation in most cases is tricky. Some just wouldn't install while others just don't work with the theme or other installed mods. We make sure everything works and resolve confilicts. PHPBB mod installation can be done for $5 per MOD.
phpBB Theme Design
We aim to create highly generated, user-friendly themes and templates that are generally search engine friendly and striking to attract the viewer's attention to the website persistently. Our designers provides the best forums that signify an exclusive look and feel.
Looking for phpBB Hosting ?

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